JGYZ-520 Laminating machine

Equipment Process Use


● Omron PLC industrial automation and control, easy operation, high accuracy; 
● HROA solid standard double-acting cylinders, the main use of the whole casting process, never deformation; 
● has a high pressure oil return automatically, while the automatic pressure relief, pressure relief device manually make the operation more humane; 
● heat engine clamping photoelectric sensor switch control to achieve zero-pressure laminates and multi-stage pressure control, effective control chip rejection rate;
● cold and hot machine using aluminum alloy heat engine heating up fast, cold and never entered into force;
● laminated windows seven 20% more efficient than similar machine efficiency; 

Technical Parameters

    Technical parameters
    Control mode: PLC 
    Cooling method: water cycle cooling, seven into seven 
    Heating: Electric heating 
    Pressure Level: 5 heat engine pressure, cold pressure stage 1 
    Temperature accuracy: ± 3 (℃) 
    Feeding device: Manual feeding 
    Heating plate material: Aluminum + / steel 
    Plate thickness: 45mm 
    Opening Thickness: 50mm 
    Hydraulic cylinders: single-cylinder 
    Laminate format: 420mm × 520mm 
    Materials most large format: 400mm × 500mm 
    Laminated layers: seven 
    Laminated voltage: 380V 50HZ / 22KW 
    Product Dimensions: 2300mm × 630mm × 1650mm 
    Weight: 2.8T 

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