JG-CS Tester

Equipment Process Use

Equipment and technology use
Is a versatile RFID testing equipment, various types of ISO14443-TYPEA, ISO14443-TYPEB, ISO15693 card type for testing. 


● Simple equipment operation, IC card automatic inspection, testing IC card is good or bad there is optical, voice instructions, & nbsp; & nbsp; IC is good or bad judgment, clarity; 
● The multi-functional detector device detection, reliable, stable, correct detected card chip, card packaging and other production processes antenna problems; 
● improve the efficiency of IC card test, the test material is less than the entire time 3SEC; 
● can be customized to test different types of card type according to customer demand; 
● cards can be tested in accordance with customer demand, personalized card processing, and so designated; 

Technical Parameters

    Technical parameters
    Operating Voltage: AC 110-220V & nbsp; (50 / 60Hz) 
    Working current: less than 1000mA 
    Working temperature: -25--85 degree can support RF IC in material specification: 3X8,5X5,4X8, can be customized according to individual customers. 

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