JGCH-6000+Full Auto High Speed Milling Machine

Equipment Process Use

This is an automatic card milling machine for chip or smart card, such as telephone card, bank credit card, GSM card, ID card etc.


●Integrating milling with clean system and depth detection functions.
●Specialized fixture design for card centering system, protecting the milling depth from the influences of the card thickness and dimension.
●Including four standard module milling programs fitting to different requirements with parameters modification conveniently.
●X and Y the two separated milling stations can mill different profiles at the same time or individually. It settles the difficult problem of adjusting the center place on two stations while milling.
●Z-Axis moving is realized through guide and ball screw driven by high precision servomotor, to provide the accurate milling depth. Special tool changing program make tool changing is fast and convenient.
●Cards are transferred through belt driven by servo motor which is more safety and stability.
●Depth detection device ensures eligible rate during milling by rejecting faulty cards.
●Special feeding design avoids unloading double cards caused by static electricity.

Technical Parameters

    Dimension: H2100*W860*L1800mm
    Weight: about 800kg
    Electric: AC380V 50/60HZ 20A
    Power: 4.0KW
    Compress Air: 6 kg/cm2
    Air Consumption: 100L/min
    Control Method: Servo located + PLC control
    Servo Precision: X, Y=0. 0125mm
    Tolerance: 0.01mm
    Operator: 1 person
    Output: 6000pcs/h

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