JGEB-5000+Full Auto High Speed Banking Implanting Machine

Equipment Process Use

This machine is specified for banking cards focused on chip/adhesive punching,ATR testing, chip punching,implanting chip into cavity.


●Integrating with glue layer taping, conducting resin releasing, bonding, module punching, implanting and pre-personalization.
●Module stepping controlled by servo system to keep the pulling distance be adjusted by parameter directly. The exact photoelectric sensor monitoring makes the module in double protection and be recognized automatically.
●The accurate of IC pick can reach to +/-0.01mm by intelligent composition unit. Moving position can be set directly.
●The special digital video recorder can know about the accuracy of glue releasing easily.
●Special in-feeder & out-feeder magazine auto-transfer system is easier to operation.
●Film is released by special plane construction and several heading head to solve the problem of high temperature glue. No need to adjust the plane when the bonding heads are changed.
●Hot welding avoids the glue failure by special plane constructure. Several groups of hot welding and cold welding head can keep the quality of implanting.
●Cards transferred through servo motor to ensure the safety and stability of the machine.
●IC implanting height detection can make sure the quality rate.
●Special feeding design avoids unloading double cards caused by static electricity.

Technical Parameters

    Dimension: H2100*W860*L2700mm
    Weight: about 800kg
    Electric: AC220V 50/60HZ 20A
    Power: 4.0KW
    Compress Air: 6 kg/cm2
    Air Consumption: 120L/min
    Control Method: Single axis located + PLC control
    Servo Precision: X, Y=0.0125mm
    Tolerance 0.01mm
    Operator: 1 person
    Output: 4000-4500pcs/h

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