JGPH-3000A Automatic single minute card punch card machine

Equipment Process Use

Equipment and technology use
The machine uses a touch screen friendly man-machine interface, servo punch for punching power. High sensitivity photoelectric sensor system with two sets of vertical search stepper and servo motors to position the cursor import gapless ball screw horizontal cursor location and the search for feeding. To achieve a two-way location in the plane X, Y-axis, precision punching cutting edge without affecting the accuracy of the material, the positioning accuracy of less than ± 0.10mm. It is mainly prominent feature is applicable punching more and more content to any imposition pattern card substrate material, a plurality of receive cassettes (3-32 months) leaflets were collected separately, greatly reducing manpower, reducing fabrication costs.


● High sensitivity photoelectric sensor with imported ball screw feeding, location parameters of the punching point adjustable, high precision. 
● servo punch for punching power, low noise, power stability, while pressure, punching speed adjustable, punched card when you need a different thickness of the material, the better. 
● Advanced income card system automatically collects each card sent independently, each corresponding to a closed cartridge card. So when punching materials imposition no longer score card, the card does not affect the separate collection red card speed, fast and reliable. (Applicable to any imposition punching materials) 
● PLC program control automatic operation, error alarm stop.

Technical Parameters

    Technical parameters
    Power Supply: AC 380V / 50 HZ 
    Total power: 3.5KW 
    Gas source: 6 kg / cm2 (anhydrous) 
    Air consumption: about 85L / min 
    Weight: about 1000Kg 
    Punching accuracy: ± 0.10mm 
    Applicable materials: PVC, ABS, PET, PETG, paper cards, mixed materials. 
    Applicable sections: 3X8,4X8,5X5 
    Yield: 14000 pcs / hour (punch a few more higher yield) 
    Control form: PLC program + servo system 
    Operation Number: 1 
    Dimensions: L3420 × W850 × H1520mm

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